How Well is Recycling Working?

Most people know that recycling is the process of collecting materials, such as plastic and paper that would otherwise be thrown away, and turning them into new products. A lot of things we use day-to-day have the recognizable recycle symbol of three arrows, which stand for “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Perhaps… Read more »

Lawn Mower Safety

There are so many reasons to love spring. The promise of warmer weather, much-needed rain, and the sudden growth spurt in nature. Of course, all of these happenings also come with a brand new to-do list around your house. Typically after indoor spring cleaning has taken place it’s time to… Read more »

When Critters Move Into the Attic

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, grass is growing back, and there are cute, newly born animals everywhere. But no matter how adorable baby squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other creatures may be, they lose quite a bit of their charm when they decide to take up residence in… Read more »

Vacation Home Security

When you head home from your vacation cottage and lock it up for the season, how do you keep it safe? With modern technology, monitoring your extra house remotely is more convenient than it’s ever been. The best way to protect your extra home is with the installation of a… Read more »

Fire? How to Create a Safety Escape Plan

In the event of a fire, having a practiced safety escape plan can save lives. Make sure everyone knows when to call 911, how to get out, where to go, and who to contact in the event of an emergency. Remind others to practice staying low to the floor and… Read more »

Be Proactive and Avoid Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are the #1 cause of house fires and injuries to homeowners, so avoiding them is a noteable goal for each household. Using common-sense precautions can decrease the chance of igniting a cooking fire during meal preparation, and understanding how to avoid these fires is easy and smart. Listed… Read more »

Water Waste, Money Waste

As much as most of us would like to lower water consumption around the home, we seldom do anything about it. So the next time you’re about to pay your water bill, pause for a few minutes. Consider that the average household uses 130,000 gallons of water per year, and… Read more »

What to Do Before Cleaning a Chimney

Cleaning your chimney often will help prevent house fires. But like any other task around the home, it’s important for you to do the job as safely as possible. Start with the two tips below: 1. Have the proper equipment Materials that you will need to clean your chimney include… Read more »

Reducing The Chances of a Home Invasion

The majority of home burglaries are planned Robbers look for easily-accessible targets where they can enter, find and take any valuables, and exit without being detected. There is no fail-safe way to protect your home, but there are some simple steps that will decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Before… Read more »

Safely Store Propane Tanks at Home

Did you have any idea propane is an American-made resource? Popular for being a clean natural energy resource, and typically comes in a gas or liquid form. Propane is easy to use and inexpensive to heat and cool houses, heat water, heat appliances, cook food on the grill, cook food… Read more »